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National vocations office set up in Sydney

Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia (CVMA) has established a national office in Sydney and appointed Sr Mary Ryan, RSJ, former vocations ministry coordinator for the Sandhurst Diocese, as its first Executive Officer.

Sr Mary believes one priority in the new role is informing Catholics, especially the young, of the vital life options which are on offer to them, including calls to priesthood and religious life. As her experience teaching religious education in schools and ministering as a university chaplain has shown, there are still plenty of misconceptions and narrow definitions of what is understood by "vocation".

"Our theology since Vatican II is that everyone has a vocation. We're all called to fullness of life," she explains.

"God wants fullness of life for every person, but if they're in the wrong spot they're not going to reach that point. Peace will elude them - and God doesn't want that!"

To inform young people of the many possibilities of vocational life, the CVMA will launch a new educational program next month for years K-12. As a teaching aid, Sr Mary believes it addresses many of the issues she became aware of when surveying senior students about vocations in the early 1990s.

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