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Embryo research has caused 'unheard of rupture in humanity'

Bishop Elio Sgreccia, vice president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, has told Vatican Radio that destructive research on human embryos has caused "an unheard of rupture" in humanity.

He said, "They are a series of misdeeds, so serious and linked to one another, they never happened historically.

"The production of embryos through cloning, which is negative in itself, because it creates human beings outside of any sexual union, who are deprived, therefore, of any connection with maternity and paternity."

Bishop Sgreccia told Vatican Radio that the use of adult stem cells is at least as effective as cells from embryos, and that embryo research is therefore unnecessary: "Fortunately, it has been demonstrated that, to cure [diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and several kinds of cancer], stem cells that are found in the adult organism are valid and even safer. From the scientific point of view, there is no need for such practices."

Pontifical Academy for Life