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Religious orders pray for Kyoto campaign

Religious Orders joined with other Australians yesterday in a day of prayer for the welfare of the earth and those affected by global warming.

Copies of their prayer were sent to environmental leaders meeting in Bonn on the Kyoto Protocol.

Spokespersons for the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes said the religious were encouraged by the Holy Father's recent words: "How can we remain indifferent to the prospect of an ecological crisis which is making vast areas of our planet uninhabitable and hostile to humanity?"

The call to prayer is supported by a variety of groups including the Catholic Bishops Committee for Justice, Development and Peace, the Social Action Office (SAO) Brisbane, and the Climate Action Network (Australia).

The text of the prayer is as follows:

We pray to you, our God, who created the earth in love and entrusted its care to us.
Convert our hearts, that we may be sensitive to the harm we cause when, out of greed, laziness or lack of responsibility, we mutilate that which sustains and enriches our lives.
Move the consciences of those meeting during these weeks in Bonn to consider how the Kyoto Protocol may be taken forward.
To them in a special way, stewardship for our earth has been given. Let your Spirit find a place in their gathering; fill them with the courage needed to reduce the human contribution towards global warming with potential for such catastrophic consequences.
We ask this through your Son Jesus who died that we might have "life to the full."