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Kenyan Church supports President's call for chastity to fight AIDS

President Daniel Arap Moi has appealed to Kenyans to abstain for two years from promiscuous sexual relations to "save a generation" from being contaminated with AIDS.

The president made this appeal after the government announced that it will import 300 million condoms to combat the disease, which is estimated to kill 700 Kenyans a day.

He said: "As president of the country, I feel embarrassed by the need to have to spend millions to import condoms, which could easily be avoided by those who are going to use them".

The Catholic Church issued a statement affirming that "to import such a quantity of condoms implies that the government accepts promiscuity."

Sheikh Mohammed Dor, Secretary-General of the Council of Imams, said the country is "committing suicide" by buying condoms, because it will encourage youth to experiment with sex and thus keep the AIDS problem going.

The Kenyan Health Ministry said that 2.2 million of the nation's 30 million people are infected with AIDS.