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Catholic volunteer celebration is new G-G's first public engagement

The Governor-General, Dr Peter Hollingworth, carried out his first public engagement in Sydney at Saturday evening's 40th anniversary celebration of the Catholic volunteer agency, PALMS.

Dr Hollingworth addressed more than 150 members of the organisation at St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill.

He revealed he is also celebrating 40 years as an Anglican priest and spoke about his next vocation serving the Australian people.

"I regard this as an immense privilege and already in the early days of office, I realise not only how much there is to learn, but how rich and diverse is Australian life and life of people on this planet," he said.

Founded in July 1961, PALMS grew out of the Paulian Association and was the first lay missionary recruitment agency of the Australian Church. Since its founding, more than 1200 men, women, children and families have travelled to 36 countries spending up to three years working for communities on a voluntary basis.

ABC/Catholic Weekly