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Peace activist priest freed after 83 days in prison

A 67-year-old priest was freed on Thursday after a judge said the 83 days he spent in prison was sufficient punishment for climbing the fence at a missile silo.

Fr Carl Kabat OMI was convicted in April of trespassing at a Minuteman III missile site about 120 kilometers northeast of Denver as part of a peace protest.

Assistant US Attorney Jim Allison pressed for the maximum one-year sentence at Thursday's sentencing, citing the priest's 10 previous arrests on similar charges.

Kabat has spent more than a decade in prison for peace protests. "It is time to say enough is enough," Allison said. US District Judge Boyd Boland said Kabat was not a threat to society. On 6 August 2000, Kabat placed bread, wine and a hammer on top of the silo near New Raymer and prayed.

Kabat still faces extradition to Illinois, where he is accused of violating the terms of his probation by travelling to Colorado to protest. He was on probation for a 1984 incident when he and three others damaged a missile silo outside Kansas City.

"Insane weapons of mass destruction are a crime against humanity. They hold us and the whole world hostage," Kabat said at the hearing.

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