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Archbishop attacks illegal use of body parts

Adelaide's Arcbishop Leonard Faulkner has attacked the alleged illegal use of body parts in South Australia and offered the Church's full care to affected families.

The Catholic Leader reports that allegations of illegal use of body tissue and parts by researchers surfaced last month.

Last week a bioethicist at Adelaide's Southern Cross Bioethics Institute blamed an anomaly in the State's autopsy laws for the unauthorised use and retention of body parts.

Last Thursday, Archbishp Faulkner, who is the Australian bishops' principal spokesman on family and life issues, extended his sympathy and offer of support.

He commended State Human Services Minister Dean Brown for launching an enquiry into the allegations that body parts, including those from babies, had been kept after autopsy or on other occasions without the next of in's knowledge of permission.

"The human body is ofter regarded as just another commodity," Archbishop Faulkner said. "But the public outpouring of grief in South Australia over the use of body parts demonstrates how deeply humanity regards the questions of respect for the human body, from conception through birth to death and beyond the grave."

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