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New mandate for Social Justice Council

Operations will be streamlined and costs contained under the new mandate for the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (ACSJC), the national justice and peace agency of the Catholic Church in Australia.

The Catholic Weekly reports that under the new mandate, which came into effect on 1 July, the council has been reduced from 17 to 12 members.

The ACSJC was established by the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference in 1987.

The bishops say in the Council's new charter that the conference "mandates the ACSJC to promote research, education, advocacy and action on social justice, peace and human rights, integrating them deeply into the life of the whole Catholic community in Australia and providing a credible Catholic voice on these matters in Australian society".

"The commencement of the new mandate marks a transition in the life of the Australian Catholic Social Justice council," said national executive officer Sandie Cornish. "The bishops have renewed their commitment to the work for justice, peace and human rights in this new century by giving the ACSJC a clearer mandate to undertake a range of tasks on behalf of the Church.

Ms Cornish said that a smaller governing body will streamline operations and contain costs while continuing to ensure that council membership is drawn from all over the country.

Catholic Weekly