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Cardinal calls on youth to correct globalisation

Young people active in politics and mission will make a significant contribution to overcoming the limitations of globalisation, according to Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Archbishop of Genoa, location of next week's G8 summit.

Tettamanzi told an audience in Genoa that most of the world's poor live in countries with young populations, and the problem is synonomous with the new century.

"Tomorrow is your responsibility," he told the young people. "It is a sort of new era, a new challenge which will leave its mark on this century, and so it concerns mainly you young people."

Tettamanzi called on young people to "take up the challenge, go into the political field".

He explained their mission: "build the village that globalisation lacks, feel the whole world as your homeland, a place where we are all brothers and sisters".