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Catholic diocese wants bodies exhumed

The Diocese of Wollongong is requesting bodies located in the city's Old Roman Catholic Cemetery in Crown Street be exhumed and relocated.

In a submission to Wollongong City Council, Diocesan Administrator Fr Bryan Jones says, "It is probably time for the Church to accept that the sacred use of the land as a Cemetery must cease."

However, in coming to this conclusion, Fr Jones submitted "It is time for Council and the Sportsground Trust to accept that proposals they have for the future of the site require that the whole of the burials must be exhumed and removed to another site."

He said those parties must bear the cost, and conduct the reburials with the respect and dignity which is accorded to the remains of our ancestors by both Australian culture and Catholic teachings.

The Diocese is also requesting an appropriate commemorative memorial be constructed on site.

Fr Jones says without appropriate exhumation and relocation Wollongong City Council would be approving the desecration of the remains of our dead.

Wollongong Diocese