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Petition to Pope seeks excommunication of pro-abortion lawmakers

Using the Church's canonical procedures for the adjudication of complaints, 2000 petition signatories are seeking the excommunication of self-professed Catholic governors and members of Congress in the US who support legalised abortion.

Titled A Canonical Petition to Excommunicate Culture of Death 'Catholics, the petition names 46 Democrats and five Republicans as "defendants", including Senator Edward Kennedy.

The plaintiffs state they are professed Catholics who bring the petition on behalf of themselves as members of the Catholic Church. Non-Catholics have also signed onto a "friend of the court" brief as members of other faiths "who are stricken by the scandal of notorious Catholics who relentlessly distort the most basic teachings of Christ in their pursuit of a Culture of Death."

"Be it the Defendants enabling of the genocidal attack of the abortionists upon our Black and Hispanic population or the acquiescence to, or promotion of, anti-family homosexual movements, the result is the same: a great loss of faith, the diminution of the Catholic Church in the eyes of both Christians and non-Christians, and the unspeakable spiritual and physical woe of living in a society formed in law by the Defendants," the unprecedented petition states.

The petitioners point out that Item 2272 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, "Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offence. The Church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life."

The petition argues that since defendants create and enforce laws that support legalised abortion, the defendants are guilty of violating Church law.

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