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Theologian calls Catholic homophobia claims 'simplistic'

Claims that "the Catholic Church is against homosexuality" are "simplistic and inadequate", Brisbane moral theologian Fr Kevin McGovern told a homophobia conference in the city.

The Catholic Leader reports on a workshop conducted by Fr McGovern at the 23-24 conference sponsored by the Youth Affairs Network of Queensland.

Senior students, including two boys from an unnamed Catholic school, told about what they had suffered at their schools as a result of homophobia.

"Within that context," Fr McGovern told the Leader, "I was concerned above all to demonstrate that nothing in our official teaching would justify homophobic violence or bullying, or even silence about homosexuality. To the contrary, we commit ourselves in our official teaching to oppose such things."

Fr McGovern quoted the instruction from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's letter, Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, that requires pastors to condemn homophobic speech and action when it occurs.

But Fr McGovern maintained the Church's teaching that sexual activity between homosexual persons is morally wrong.

Catholic Leader