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Launch of Code of ethics for Catholic health

Catholic Health Australia's Code of Ethical Standards was launched at its national conference in Brisbane last week by Stewardship Board Chair, Sr Annette Cunliffe RSC.

The code, an Australian first, has been developed to assist those responsible for leading, managing and delivering the healing ministry to promote a culture of life. It applies across all Catholic health, aged and community care services and sets the standards in which ethical health care practices can be pursued.

"The Code is a public statement of what the Catholic health and aged care ministry stands for and what the wider community can expect of Catholic health and aged care services," Sr Annette said. "The Code is not only a crucial resource for the church's mission in health care, but can also be used by all people of good will seeking to care for the sick, the frail and the dying."

She stressed Catholic Health Australia's commitment to developing a culture which affirms life and healing and promotes the common good through just and compassionate health, aged, disability and community services.

In 1998 Catholic Health Australia commissioned the Plunkett Centre of Ethics in Health Care, under the guidance of a Steering Committee, chaired by Bishop Michael Putney, to prepare the first set of ethical standards for all Catholic health and aged care services in Australia. After broad consultation, nationally, and internationally, the Code has evolved into a unique and comprehensive tool.

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