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Mobile phones used to pray the Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer has been translated into text message language for people who are 'too busy' to go to church.

Our Father who art in heaven, has become 'dad@hvn' and forgive us our trespasses is now '4give r sins'.

Other prayers and readings are also to be translated to create 'virtual worship'. It is the latest attempt to bring Christianity to a generation too busy to go to mass. Muslims have also used the power of SMS with their five daily 'calls to prayer'.

The mobile phone church services will be launched by the satirical Christian website at the Greenbelt arts and music festival in Cheltenham in the UK next month.

The plan is to text message young people who will stop what they are doing when they get the message and even read them out to friends around them - to create a new form of simultaneous virtual worship.

Simon Jenkins, editor of, said the new service is a 'collision' between traditional Christianity and popular culture.

"It is an experimental form of virtual worship," he told The Times.

Mathew Campbell, a history student at York University, came up with the accepted version of the 'on message' Lord's Prayer in full.

It is: dad@havn, ursspshi.we want wot u want&urth2b like hvn. giv us food&4give r sins lyk we 4 give uvaz.don't tes us! save us!bcos we kno ur boss, ur tuf&ur cool 4 eva!ok?

Entries receiving accolades in the website's biblical text-messaging competition are published on its website.