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Vatican yearbook reveals Holy Year statistics

The Vatican, despite budget-tightening measures, used 10 percent more electricity in 2000 than in 1999 -- and blamed it on the jubilee.

The Vatican's 1478-page yearbook for 2000 is filled with reports on Holy Year celebrations, on the extra work the events required from Vatican employees and on projects which were postponed so as not to inconvenience pilgrims.

The yearbook, formally called L'Attivita della Santa Sede (The Activity of the Holy See), opens with a 719-page, day-by-day summary of Pope John Paul II's activity.

The report from the technical services office of Vatican City State said Vatican garbage collectors were assisted by "all available personnel", including gardeners, in cleaning up St. Peter's Square after Holy Year ceremonies.

The Vatican telephone system installed 361 new phone lines in 2000, 212 of which were ISDN lines for high-speed computer connections. The telephone service registered more than 3 million calls within Vatican City, 3.8 million from Vatican City to Rome and almost 1.5 million long-distance calls.

The yearbook said Arturo Mari, the official photographer, and his two assistants snapped 307,000 photographs during the year. More than 5000 of the pictures were taken by Mari during Pope John Paul's 7-day trip to the Holy Land. And the Vatican Television Centre got it all on videotape as well, broadcasting more than 1,000 hours of Holy Year events.

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