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Priest dismissed for marrying his secretary

A priest in New York City was dismissed from his order after it was learned that he had married his secretary.

Fr Timothy Pasek, parish priest at St Adalbert's Church in Queens for the last 10 years, was suspended last month and dismissed on 13 July, according to Brooklyn Diocese spokesman Frank DeRosa.

"After he married, he continued to perform his priestly functions, including celebrating Mass and presiding over a funeral Mass," DeRosa said. "We're just in shock and terribly disappointed."

Pasek married Darlene Smith on 24 April, and the couple moved to Arizona in July with Smith's 14-year-old son, DeRosa said. He said Pasek already had been relieved of his pastoral duties on Easter Sunday because "he had a potential serious health problem," rumored to be a tumor. But after word of the marriage, Pasek was dismissed from his Conventual Franciscans order, DeRosa said.

Smith's grown daughter, Kelly, who works in the church's rectory, said her mother and Pasek are living together in Arizona but denied that they are married.

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