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Catholic body urges Bush to keep pro-life stand on stem-cell research

The Catholic Health Association in the US is urging President Bush to continue his "courageous stance" against funding stem-cell research that involves the destruction of human embryos.

"Your public record has shown you to be a staunch champion for human life and a defender of the unborn," said Fr Michael D. Place, CHA president and CEO, in a letter to Bush last Friday.

Fr Place cited Bush's previous statements opposing such funding, "while at the same time advocating innovative research on stem cells from adult tissue."

"We urge you to continue this courageous stance," he wrote.

President Bush is in the process of deciding whether to permit federal funding of stem-cell research involving human embryos, which is currently banned under federal law.

Fr Place said supporters of embryonic stem-cell research "have created the incorrect impression that these cells are foremost and the most effective for treating disease."

Catholic Health Association (USA)