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Catholic Bishops challenge young people to search for God

Australia's Catholic bishops have issued a pastoral letter encouraging young people to rise to the challenge of living a Christian life.

"Being a Christian today is not easy," the Bishops say. "The Holy Father .. does not hesitate to ask youth to make a radical choice for faith and life. It is with this confidence that we, the Catholic Bishops of Australia, ask you to open yourselves unreservedly to the grace and energy of the Holy Spirit and be apostles of Christ in Australia."

Chairman of the Bishops' Committee for the Laity Bishop Peter Connors commented: "Young people of today are searching for some sort of spiritual meaning in their lives and that they have an overwhelming sense of social conscience."

Bishop Connors explained that the letter was motivated by the Bishops' desire to "help young people find that God is the answer".

"We want to assist them in discovering the joys that come with finding a place for God in your life," he said. "As we say in the document, With Christ as your foundation build a society of justice and mercy, solidarity and hope - a society worthy of the dignity of the human person."

He said the Bishops are also encouraging young people to share the message of the pastoral letter with their friends. He added that the Bishops' website will provide young people with an opportunity to tell the Bishops what they think.

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