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Adelaide archbishop to build links with local government

Coadjutor Archbishop Philip Wilson has pledged to work closely with Adelaide's local councils, suggesting local government is "intimately involved in the life of the community".

The Southern Cross reports that Archbishop Wilson describes himself as "a big fan of local government", saying that those working for councils had "a real concern for all the different elements that go into making up the life of the human person living in communities today".

Referring to the long-running debate about whether Australia should remove local government - the "third tier" of government after federal and state governments - Archbishop Wilson said he would fight to ensure local government remained.

He said that when he takes over as Archbishop of Adelaide later this year, he would look for ways to cooperate with and support people in all areas of government working to bring "happiness and peace into the lives of the people who surround us".

"I think one of the great things about local government is that if the people involved in it take the work seriously it allows them the opportunity and I may say the honour, of being intimately involved in the life of the community that they serve," he said.

Southern Cross