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Adelaide Archbishop defends Basic Ecclesial Communities

Adelaide's Archbishop Leonard Faulkner defended Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) following a critical article published in the June issue of the magazine AD 2000.

In his response, Archbishop Faulkner highlights the Gospel Message and Church Teaching in an attempt to clarify writer Michael Gilchrist's suggestion that the Holy Father has reservations about BECs and that they are built on the foundation of a left-leaning 'revolutionary' ideology.

Archbishop Faulkner said: "Some who read the article may be left with the impression that the Vatican, and even The Holy Father, may have misgivings about the theology and role of Basic Ecclesial Communities in the Church. Nothing could be further from the truth."

He said Basic Ecclesial Communities are heeding the Pope's call for us to be a Church that is not isolationist, but evangelising.

"Far from having their origins in "neo-Marxist liberation theology" as Dr Gilchrist wrote, they are deeply founded in Gospel values."

BECs play a significant role in the pastoral life in the Adelaide Archdiocese.

Catholic Archdiocese, Adelaide