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Centacare chief regrets Ruddock rejection of asylum seekers report

Centacare Adelaide's Executive Director Dale West has described as 'unfortunate but not unexpected', Federal Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock's rejection of the key recommendations of a joint parliamentary subcommittee report on the detention of asylum seekers.

Mr Ruddock this week described some of the recommendations from the 12-member Parliamentary Human Rights Sub-Committee as "extraordinarily naive".

The sub-committee, which includes five Liberal MPs, visited the nation's six detention centres, speaking to detainees in person before presenting their 20 recommendations.

The Catholic Leader reports that Mr West said the recommendations confirm what Centacare had been saying for the last nine to 10 months. He said they were worded in such a way as to indicate the problems behind the issue.

"For example, in Recommendation 19 it says 'the committee recommends that the visual checks of detainees, including waking them during the night to establish their identity, should cease except where special security concerns exist'. We have been saying for months that detainees are being woken during the night and the practice should cease."

Mr West said Mr Ruddock had been dismissing Centacare's concerns as heresay. Now he was dismissing the sub-committee's recommendations as naive but the report had substantiated Centacare's complaints.

Catholic Leader