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Bioethicist worried about embryo scan

A Catholic bioethicist has raised concerns about a new test which can scan embryos and identify the risk of genetic cancer, describing it as "abhorrent and scary".

The Catholic Leader reports the comments of Queensland Bioethics Centre director Ray Campbell on the test which scientists at the Monash IVF Centre in Melbourne announced they are now able to undertake.

Mr Campbell said: "I must confess I find the suggestion by the Monash IVF team abhorrent and scary - abhorrent because of its complete disregard for human life and scary because of the view of the human person which consciously or unconsciously underlies such a proposal."

He said it was yet another example of how trivially society had begun to treat life. "Behind the suggestion made by the Monash team is somebody's concept of the 'perfect child'.

"But whose concept and how far are we willing to go to realise it? Is this kind of manipulation, discrimination and destruction of life really going to enrich our humanity both now and for future generations? I think not."

Catholic Leader