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Pell congratulates Sydney's new Anglican archbishop

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Dr George Pell, has congratulated Dr Peter Jensen on his appointment as the new Anglican Archbishop of Sydney. Dr Jensen's appointment to replace retired Archbishop Harry Goodhew was announced on Tuesday evening.

"The Anglican Church in Sydney has long played and continues to play a very important role in Australian national life," Dr Pell said. "Although the two archbishops of Sydney now clearly represent two different Christian traditions, Catholic and Protestant, this is no reason why we can't both effectively present the figure of Christ and his wonderful message to our followers and the world around us." "I wish Dr Jensen well in his important task," Dr Pell said. Meanwhile Bishop Paul Barnett, administrator of the Sydney Anglican Diocese, has rejected a claim by The Sun Herald newspaper that he risked an 'unholy row' with the Catholic Church over his decision not to attend the recent installation of Dr Pell as Sydney's new Roman Catholic Archbishop.

"It is true that some matters of theological importance are as yet unresolved between our churches," Bishop Barnett told the Anglican Southern Cross newspaper. "One of those differences is the Mass and it was for reasons of conscience that I did not feel free to attend."

"But thankfully our churches have well and truly left behind the sectarian difficulties of the past. While we may differ on some issues, we do so with courtesy and respect while working co-operatively, as we do with other churches."

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