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CEO looking for teachers with ambition

The Catholic Education Office has launched a project to generate interest among more teachers to aspire to executive positions.

Br Kelvin Canavan, executive director of schools in the Sydney Archdiocese, said that the program was a consequence of the increased difficulty the archdiocese was experiencing in filling executive leadership positions in schools.

"We have struggled to find teachers suitable for, or willing to apply for, appointment as principals or assistant principals in many schools," he told The Catholic Weekly.

The leadership succession initiative, which began in 1995, has been developed over the years by many principals and staff.

"While succession planning has been widely used in a variety of organisations over the past 30 years, there is not much evidence that Catholic organisations have embraced succession strategies, apart from an ardent prayer that there will be 'someone out there, somewhere,' who will be able to fill the vacancy," Br Kelvin said. Br Kelvin said that the shortage of suitable applicants for leadership positions was a cause for concern in all of the 11 dioceses across NSW.

Catholic Weekly