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Nigerian bishop savages 'greedy' political leaders

The Catholic bishop of Umuahia diocese in Nigeria, Bishop Lucius Ugorji, has expressed regret that Nigerians "are still being exploited and oppressed by the insatiable greed of some of their leaders, even after two years of democratic rule".

Delivering a sermon on Sunday to mark the second anniversary of the present democratic administration in Abia state, Ugorji recalled what he termed the misadministration of the past leaders before the return to democracy.

He said: "Rather than initiate programs to improve the lot of those who elected them into office, they have been busy looting public coffers, shamelessly enriching themselves and reserving resources to ensure their re-election in 2003.

"What effrontery! While these self-serving leaders gamble, the pauperished masses suffer and die of starvation and disease," he stressed.

Ugorji remarked that "Nigerians have suffered enough on account of reckless and self-serving rulers, and do not deserve to be driven to more tears and further desperation".

Vanguard (Lagos)