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SA education head calls for more Govt spending

South Australia's director of Catholic education has called for real increases in education funding to maintain SA's record of excellence in education.

Allan Dooley, of Catholic Education SA, suggested the community should be mindful that there has been little real growth in recent years from the State Government.

"In recent years the non-government school sector has experienced the same percentage cuts in state grants as has the government school sector," Mr Dooley said.

In an article in June's Southern Cross newspaper, he says the history of Catholic education in Australia, and particularly in SA, has been one of providing education through diocesan and congregational schools alongside government schools, and in some areas in SA on the same site.

"Catholic schools in Australia provide quality education for a broad cross-section of Australian society," he writes. "Catholic schools provide a most significant contribution to the education of young Australians."

He said: "It is now essential that state grants for education are reviewed in the light of changing needs and complexities in providing comprehensive education in the early, middle and senior years of schooling. The future of SA is, in large part, founded on the quality of education and the development of all young South Australians."
Southern Cross