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Pope urges diplomats to be peacemakers

Pope John Paul II stressed the value of diplomacy in restoring peace to troubled regions while accepting the diplomatic credentials of a number of new ambassadors to the Holy See last week.

He made special reference to the Middle East, speaking of the "tragic events" of the past week there.

The Holy Father was greeting new ambassadors from Nepal, Tunisia, Estonia, Zambia, Guinea, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, South Africa, and Gambia. In his remarks to the group, he urged them-- and all diplomats-- to "make courageous decisions that will lead people along the road to peace." He added that "the role of diplomacy is particularly important" in curbing warfare, and restoring hope and stability to regions marked by conflict.

Speaking in French, the Pope remarked that during his recent trip to Syria, he had been in particularly close touch with the problems of the Middle East. He said that he wanted to take advantage of "the presence of an important number of diplomats" to renew his plea for peace in that region.