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Eros Foundation continues campaign against Church

An independent report claims there were 450 cases of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Australia between 1990 and 2000.

A report from the sex industry lobby group the Eros Foundation titled Hypocrites claims the country had 10 times more paedophilia cases than the UK for the same period.

Eros Foundation CEO John Davey called on the Federal Government to appoint child protection workers in Catholic parishes to prevent further abuse. He cites the recommendation of the Nolan Review in the UK that child protection coordinators be assigned to each parish. The Nolan Review, which Davey mistakenly describes as a 'UK parliamentary committee', was an initiative of the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.

"If the British parliament thinks that the situation is so serious with a rate of 42 convicted priests every decade, why is the [Australian] Prime Minister not prepared to do the same here when we have over ten times this rate of sexual assault," he said. "Since the Hypocrites report was released by Eros earlier this year there has been another 10 priests convicted of this terrible crime."

"It is a sad indictment upon our Federal parliamentarians that not one of them from any political party seems to have the courage to speak out in Parliament about this issue."

Earlier this year, Mr Davey said the Church's apology for its institutional abuse of child migrants amounted to nothing while the Church continued its "vitriol' against same sex relationships and its refusal to implement safe sex education in its schools.

"Its one thing to be sorry for things that have happened in the past, its another to continue abusing young people in your care in the present day," he said. "Denying someone information that secures their health is an abuse."

Sunday Times (Perth)