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Paulians decide mission doesn't just happen overseas

The Paulian Association has decided to adopt the name of its overseas mission service - PALMS - as the name for the entire organisation.

The Catholic Weekly reports that the move reflects the long-held realisation that mission doesn't just happen overseas.

"With changing times bringing a refreshing spiritual movement around the globe, the association has conceived of an alternative way of amplifying the acronym that previously only applied to our overseas lay mission service," said Paulian director Roger O'Halloran.

"The organisation has understood for many years that mission is not something that is only done by moving overseas, however the names and structure of our programs have not reflected this."

This new vision sees PALMS as engaging People in Animation, Liberation and Movement to Solidarity in local and global communities.

In Australia, for example, the Animating Communities program provides training for those who want to assist the formation of small communities and help them to identify and act on issues causing suffering their lives.

However, PALMS will be just as dedicated to its overseas mission as it has been for the past four decades, and will continue to train and place those who wish to assist developing communities world wide.

Catholic Weekly