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Centacare manager draws attention to 'pockets' of poverty

The Australian economy canot be referred to in general terms while there are significant incidences of poverty in some states, according to Centacare's national manager for employment Mr Phil Murray.

The Catholic Leader reports that Mr Murray was addressing a meeting of Centacare in the Brisbane Archdiocese last week.

He said some regional areas in well-off states such as Queensland, NSW and Victoria are heavily disadvantaged because of their location.

Mr O'Connor predicted unemployment will rise in South Australia and Tasmania.

"The situation in Tasmania is mainly because people leave the island and there are no big industries there," he said.

He also pointed to the rise in part-time employment as an indication that a significant number of people are struggling.

"These people aren't finding enough work, they're getting part-time, casual work, and they're living in a state of semi-poverty," he said.

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