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Vatican suspends US cathedral renovation

The Vatican has asked the Archbishop of Milwaukee in the US to put his cathedral renovation plans on hold because they may be contrary to norms for church architecture.

Archbishop Rembert Weakland has spearheaded a renovation project to overhaul the inside of the cathedral. The plan calls for moving the altar closer to the people and exchanging pews for chairs that would encircle the new setup.

Some local Catholics, who viewed their archbishop's vision as more protestant than Catholic, conveyed their concerns to the Vatican, which responded by suspending the plans.

The Vatican authority said in its response: "Having received further information about the project from Archbishop Robert Weakland which nonetheless left doubts that the project would conform to canonical and liturgical norms, on 26 May, 2001, we moved to suspend the work of renovation until these doubts may be clarified."

The renovation was already under way, with the pews already gone.

The Archdiocese has a special website devoted to its plans for the Cathedral.