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Church in China mourns devoted Archbishop

The Catholic Archbishop of Guangzhou, James Lin Bingliang died at the age of 88 last Friday in his home in the Canton region of China.

The diocese of Guangzhou has 150,000 Catholics, about twenty priests, several very elderly, 25 women religious of the Congregation of Immaculate Mary, and 400 baptisms a year.

"The Catholic community here is fully engaged in evangelization among the young and in providing Christian formation" Fr Joseph, the late Archbishop's assistant and today assistant to the Vicar, told Fides.

"In ten years of pastoral work in the diocese Archbishop Lin Bingliang left a great spiritual heritage, appreciated by the clergy, lay faithful and the local authorities. He dedicated his whole life to Christ. His death is a great loss for the diocese and for relations with the civil authorities".

Guangzhou archdiocese runs centres of assistance and charity in cooperation with the dioceses of Hong Kong and Macao.