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Justice priest calls for dialogue on homosexuality

The Director of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart justice office in Sydney has criticised the gay and lesbian protest at the recent installation of Dr George Pell, suggesting that "dialogue is the way".

The Catholic Leader reports that Fr Claude Mostowik, who also ministers to the gay support organisation Acceptance, accused the media of baiting Archbishop Pell on the issue and said that the archbishop was "just doing what every archbishop would be doing officially".

But Fr Mostowik admitted that Dr Pell's hard line against homosexual relationships "turns people away", suggesting such relationships should receive the Church's blessing. He said there should be some acknowledgement of the dedication and care demonstrated in some gay and lesbian relationships.

"I think if they are committed and long term then why not bless them? We've blessed tanks and aeroplanes that kill," he said.

However Fr Mostowik said he does not support the concept of gay marriages.

Catholic Leader