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NATSICC chairperson urges churches to help with reunions

Ahead of Sorry Day tomorrow, the Chairperson of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council (NATSICC) has said there have been signs of healing since the tabling of the Bringing them Home report.

Stressing that there is much more work to be done, Ms Vicki Walker outlined the importance of uniting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities.

She said in a NATSICC statement released yesterday that it is time to help the lost generations find their way home, so that their communities might welcome them back. Specifically she suggested that churches have a role to play in facilitating meetings.

"It is ... time for those Churches that were involved in the removal policies to consider offering reunions at the sites of various institutions under their control - to help those taken to meet up not only with their families and communities but to once again be in touch with the people they grew up with, and who, in many cases were their only real support during their time of institutionalisation."

Ms Walker encouraged parishes and schools around Australia to participate in the journey of healing on Sorry Day tomorrow.