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Mother Teresa canonisation probe nearing completion

The evidence-gathering phase of the canonisation process for Mother Teresa will be complete within three months, said Archbishop Henry D'Souza on Tuesday.

Catholic World News reports that the archbishop said the formal closing of the enquiry will take place on 15 August. He added that the Vatican normally takes at least two to three years following an enquiry to reach a decision on the canonisation, "but for Mother Teresa, the Vatican may take less time."

Mother Teresa, a native Albanian who spent a half century serving the poor in India, died in 1997 at age 87.

Pope John Paul II had already waived the customary five-year waiting period to start the process leading to her possible declaration as a saint. The initial part of the process includes gathering evidence within local dioceses, primarily Calcutta, of Mother Teresa's personal holiness and the confirmation of a miracle attributed to her intercession. Sainthood requires another confirmed miracle.

A patient in Raiganj in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal claimed that a tumor disappeared after receiving blessings from Mother Teresa. In another case, a French woman in the United States who broke several ribs in a car accident reportedly healed when she wore a Mother Teresa medallion around her neck. A Palestinian girl suffering from cancer says she was cured after Mother Teresa appeared in her dreams and said, "Child, you are cured."