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Bush draws inspiration from Dorothy Day

Quoting Lyndon Johnson, Knute Rockne and Dorothy Day, President Bush used his commencement address at the University of Notre Dame to encourage individual and corporate participation in battling poverty.

"Welfare as we knew it has ended, but poverty has not," Bush said. "When over 12 million children live below the poverty line, we are not a post-poverty America."

Speaking to 2500 graduates, their families and faculty on Sunday, Bush urged the audience to consider a life of service. There's more to citizenship than voting and paying taxes, Bush said. "Citizenship is empty without concern for our fellow citizens, without the ties that bind us to one another and build a common good."

Meanwhile the text of President Bush's greetings to the Pope on the occasion of his 81st birthday last Friday has been published by the Zenit news agency.

Describing the Holy Father as "an inspiration to people of all faiths", the President said: "I note with admiration your vision of a world embracing human dignity, responsibility, tolerance, and civilised values."

More stories on Bush's talk at Notre Dame are available on the university's website