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Argentine Archbishop tells Catholics to disobey new law

A leading archbishop has said that Argentines don't have to obey a new birth control law approved by the House of Representatives and now waiting for approval by the Senate.

"Laws must be in accordance with the well-being of the human person, that is the key condition for a law to be respected," said Argentine bishops' conference president Archbishop Estanislao Karlic after the congress approved the law on sex and reproductive health. The new law forces public hospitals and the Social Security agency to provide non-permanent birth control to all women, including minors without their parents' consent.

"If the law goes directly against true values then it is not a law, since an unjust law just ceases to exist," said Archbishop Karlic.

The archbishop, regarded as a moderate in the episcopate, said that "any proposed law that affects the family as an institution will have a negative effect on society, even if it is intended to achieve what is believed to be a short-term good."

"The role of parents over their children is a basic human right that cannot be subverted without grave consequences," the archbishop added. Archbishop said that he was not calling for a revolt, but "for the natural disobedience paid to a law that is no such thing."