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Rwandan priest says nuns aren't killers, but trial is good

A Rwandan priest who knows the two Rwandan nuns on trial in Belgium on charges of participating in genocide said he does not believe the sisters are killers, but the Catholic Church should not be afraid of the trial.

"It is good that this trial is taking place," Fr Venuste Limguyeneza told Fides. "Everyone has a right to know what happened," said the priest, who now lives in Belgium.

The two Benedictine nuns, Sr Gertrude and Sr Marie Kisito, whose legal names are Consolata Mukangango and Julienne Mukabutera, respectively, went on trial last week in Maredret, Belgium. The nuns, both Hutus, fled to Belgium after a Tutsi-dominated government took control of Rwanda. They are on trial with two other Rwandan refugees in Belgium accused of participating in the genocide.