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Call for Catholic parents to enter schools debate

A meeting of Catholic school parent organisations held in Melbourne recently called for national representation of Catholic school parent groups to give Catholic parents a say in school funding and other issues.

A key issue identified by the meeting was that of maintaining the Catholic character of Catholic schools.

The meeting resolved that the interests and aims of Catholic parents would be strengthened if all states and territories were represented through their own school parenting bodies.

The need for national representation of state-wide Catholic parent groups was underscored by the absence of such Catholic school parenting bodies from Victoria and the Northern Territory, said the convenor of the meeting, Don Rolls, Queensland president of the Federation of Parents and Friends Association.

Mr Rolls said statewide Catholic parent organisations needed to be represented at the national level where funding decisions about schools are made.

At present, the peak body representing non-government schools, the Australian Parents Council (APC), has no representatives from Catholic parents in the populous states of either NSW or Victoria.

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