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One third of Britons believe in Resurrection

Only a third of the British population still believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus according to a national poll published over the Easter break.

Catholic World News reports that the survey found that while a small percentage of the population would go to church over Easter, 33% of people hold to the central tenet of Christianity.

Women are more devout than men, according to the findings, with 37% believing in the resurrection compared to 29% of men. Wales emerged as the most Christian region with 43% of people saying they believe Christ rose from the dead.

The survey was commissioned for the Fortean Times, which calls itself "the journal of strange phenomena." A sample of 1000 people from all backgrounds were telephoned in March and asked if they thought "Jesus literally rose from the dead exactly as explained in the Bible" or if "there could have been another explanation." A fifth said they did not believe in Christ's resurrection at all and 48% said they thought there could have been another explanation.

Among the younger age group (16-24) 56% thought there was another explanation for Christ rising from the dead while 23% believed in the Biblical account. Among those aged 65 and over 44% believed in the Easter story and 37% thought there might be an alternative theory.