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Dominican head denies vocations crisis

Dominican Master General Fr Timothy Radcliffe has said his order is not experiencing a problem of a fall in vocations, and that 'most of the candidates' are from Western countries.

In an interview given during a recent visit to Switzerland, Fr Radcliffe said the US led the list of vocations-producing countries, followed by England, France, Germany.

He claimed that most were attracted by the religious life as a "sign of contradiction".

"In a world dominated by the ideology of consumerism, the young people see that we find our well-being not accumulating material goods," he said. "It is not easy to resist [consumerism], it is not easy to be poor in a world which attributes great value to material wealth. And the choice of chastity is difficult in a society which attributes great value to active sexuality."

Fr Radcliffe described the religious calling as an "invitation to live", and "not a discourse made up of bans and permissions".

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