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Colombian archbishop wants a truce for Holy Week

    Rubiano Saenz, Archbishop of Bogota, has called on the country's armed groups to agree to a Holy Week ceasefire.
    He told the leaders of FARC, ELN, AUC that a truce "would restore to the country the serenity, tranquility, and respect for life that it has lost".
    He further urged the rebel groups to agree to put an end to hostilities for good because "Colombians cannot go on killing each other".
    The Archbishop's appeal was launched through the press while the members of the Peace Process Commission with the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia, is meeting government delegates and other rebel negotiators.
    The urgent need for reconciliation is highlighted by reports of a 31 March rebel attack on a parish church at Almaguer, in Popayan diocese. The desecraters used dynamite to blow the altar and tabernacle to pieces. Then they attacked the priest's house as well as nearby homes.