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French satanist on trial for priest murder
    A Satanist went on trial on Monday for the 1996 murder of a Catholic priest, as the local archbishop called for mercy.
    Catholic World News reports that David Oberdorf, a self-avowed Satanist, is accused of stabbing Fr Jean Uhl 33 times in December 1996. Oberdorf was 19 at the time of the murder.
    Archbishop Joseph Dore of Strasbourg, the diocese where Fr Uhl's parish of Saint Adelphe in Mulhouse is located, called for mercy and said Oberdorf had changed since the murder. Oberdorf also asked Fr Uhl's family for forgiveness.
    Prosecutors said Oberdorf had a pagan altar at his home and performed Satanic rituals there. According to local press reports, Oberdorf allegedly told police investigators that he was possessed by the Devil and "had a Satanic flash" before the killing.