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Belgrade gets new archbishop
    A few hours before former Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic was arrested on Saturday, Pope John Paul II appointed a new archbishop for Belgrade.
    Archbishop Hocevar, 56, a Slovak Salesian, told the Adn-Kronos agency that he regards himself, and wishes to be regarded, "as part of the Serbian people."
    Interviewed after his appointment became public, the new archbishop stressed that it is "important to continue in the path of justice, as President Voislav Kostunica has been doing for some time, especially by instituting a special commission to identify the roots, responsibilities and war crimes in the Balkans."
    He added: "I think it is an important sign for the people, for all of us, that the chief of state together with the democratically elected government, is addressing the issues in order to render justice to those responsible for 10 years of horrors."
    "To face the historical truth, to make the one who has caused so much evil face his responsibilities, is the only way to make progress on the path to the economic and social reconstruction of the country, Archbishop Hocevar said.
    Referring to President Kostunica, the archbishop said that he is "very open and available to the country's other minority Christian communities. He is actively supporting the pastoral work of the historical churches, not that of sects, but of the churches." In this way, he guarantees the collaboration of the Catholic Church and the other Christian communities in the country's reconstruction.