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Australian women set up interfaith network to heal divisions
    A group of women from various faith traditions are today launching a network intended to build bridges in Australian society.
    In the words of a statement issued yesterday by the group, the Women's Interfaith Network: "So often, religion is used as an excuse for division and hatred. We want to show that religion can unite us and that our very differences can engender understanding and respect."
    The movement, initiated by women from nine different faith groups, celebrates the different spiritualities they represent. Those who have been part of the establishment of the Network include women from the Aboriginal, Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Quaker and Zoroastrian communities.
    ABC Radio's Rachael Kohn will conduct the launch at 10:00 am this morning in the Jubilee Room of Sydney's Parliament House.
    Spokesperson Josie Lacey said: "There's a need for women to use their ability to communicate and express feelings to make a positive contribution against society's trends today. There are enough situations in our world to show that unless action is taken to combat violence and the estrangement of human beings from one another, Australia and the world in general will be a very unsafe place for our children and grandchildren."
    The Women's Interfaith Network hopes to link up with similar movements around the world and to encourage new groups to establish themselves. Members are available for reference or personal resource to others who wish to take up the challenge.
    - Women's Interfaith Network (Tel 0419 132 279)