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Africa Cardinal launches anti-poverty campaign
    Wilfrid Napier, South Africa's newly created cardinal, has called on church members to help him lobby banks to support the poor and unemployed.
    The Tablet reports that Cardinal Napier and other church leaders visited top bank managers in the diocese shortly after he returned from his investiture in Rome.
    The clerics urged the bankers to rethink their policies as part of a strategy to create employment and curb crime. They said they had been encouraged that the bank managers did not close the door on their appeal, and had agreed to look at the proposals and then report back at a later meeting.
    Speaking a few days later at the formal launch of his campaign, known as 'Give credit where credit is due', Cardinal Napier said that despite the removal of apartheid laws, many people were still burdened by the effects of poverty. An estimated 30-40% of the people in the Durban region, which coincides with the Cardinal Napier's archdiocese, were unemployed, but many of them would be able to earn a living and even employ others in tiny businesses if they were able to access capital needed to start up.