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Chilean bishop's report confirms 1973 executions
    Bishop Emeritus Carlos González has confirmed a report of the execution of 35 people arrested in Santiago's Palacio de la Moneda on the day of the 1973 military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet.
    The report was based on anonymous information provided by people who were members of the army at that time. The arrests took place 11 September 1973, the day Pinochet ousted the Communist government of President Salvador Allende.
    According to information gathered by the bishop, 35 people were arrested at the government headquarters. It indicates that 20 of them were shot two days later, their remains thrown into the sea three years later.
    "Of these 35 arrested persons," Bishop González said, "between 1993 and 1995 the bodies of 15 were found in Patio 29 of the General Cemetery; it was made known that other persons of this group were taken to the Peldehue military camp, on the outskirts of Santiago, to be shot."
    Chilean Interior Minister José Miguel Insulza confirmed the truth of the information given by the bishop.
    The Interior Minister explained last week that the documents do not give details of the identity of the individuals whose remains were thrown into the sea. He said 'the truth will be known' when the investigation is concluded in the cemetery. He added that some remains found have been identified, and others are in the Santiago morgue.
    Bishop González said, "The Chilean Army is collaborating honestly and correctly in discovering the truth."