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Church takes Easter message to suburban shopping centres
    For the first time, the Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese is taking the Christian message of Easter to people where they shop, by displaying a poster image of Jesus Christ in shopping centres.
    From today until after Easter, back-lit posters of the face of Jesus will appear at 20 poster sites in four major shopping centres in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
    The poster is a mosaic of pictures with hundreds of small images of people, animals and places. When viewed from a distance, the face of the crucified Jesus emerges from the mosaic of everyday life.
    "Let us not lose sight of Jesus" (Hebrews 12:2) is the printed message on the poster.
    Commenting on the initiative, Archbishop John Bathersby said that it is important that the significance of the Easter celebrations is communicated to people as they go about their daily lives.
    He said: "Our aim is that people will recognise that the life of Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection at Easter, bring hope to all people."
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