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Italian Government threatens to silence Vatican Radio
    Italy's environment minister has threatened to cut off Vatican Radio's electricity, claiming that electromagnetic waves from its antennas are spreading cancer.
    At a press conference in Rome, Environment Minister Willer Bordon gave a 15-day ultimatum to the pontifical broadcasting station to discontinue its activities at its transmission centre on the outskirts of Rome.
    "It is an extreme decision I hope I will not have to carry out," said Bordon, a member of the Green Party, which is in the midst of a campaign for the May general elections.
    Last week, Bordon was one of the civil parties in the prosecution for the alleged electromagnetic contamination caused by Vatican Radio. The court case was scheduled to begin last Tuesday, but the judge postponed it until later in the year because an lawyer had not fulfilled the requisites necessary in order to call Vatican citizens to appear in Italian courts.
    Vatican Radio directors published a statement expressing their surprise over the "declarations and behavior of Minister Bordon, since there is a bilateral commission between Italy and the Vatican, which for the past two months has been studying jointly the problems relating, precisely, to the Santa Maria di Galeria centre."