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School principal supports teachers' ban on gay art exhibition
    The principal of All Hallows' School in Brisbane has said she fully supports a decision by staff not to take students to a controversial art exhibition featuring graphic homosexual scenes.
    The Catholic Leader reports that Lee-Anne Perry said the school decided not to visit the exhibition after discussions with management at the Brisbane Institute of Modern Art.
    The school was planning to visit to Institute to see a new exhibition by artist Josť Da Silva.
    But after school representatives visited the gallery to view the exhibition, they asked the institute's management if some of the photographs and a video could be removed or covered because they conveyed disturbing homosexual scenes.
    "We made the decision based on our understanding of what we think is appropriate and what will enrich the education of our students," Ms Perry said. "Initially the staff at the Institute agreed to cover the images but after discussing it with management, the decision was overturned."
    The Institute's director, Michael Snelling, said: "I have the utmost respect for Al Hallows' and their decision to cancel the excursion to the gallery."
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